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Little Black Dress Initiative

With your help, we raised over $14,000 with this initiative! Thank you!

The Little Black Dress Initiative is a poverty awareness fundraising challenge in which participants wear one black dress for five consecutive days, in order to illustrate the effects poverty can have on your access to resources, your confidence, and your employment opportunities. Poverty remains an urgent problem within the United States and we witness it each day right here in our own backyard. With over 20% of Angelina County residents living below the poverty level, it is critical that we strive to serve those in need. Many of our neighbors cannot afford basic items required for daily living such as food, clothing and shelter, and others will be over-looked for employment opportunities because of these limited resources.

Following the campaign, Second Chance Cash vouchers will be issued to local organizations who serve those in need to be redeemed at the JLL Second Chance Rummage Sale on October 20-21. Families can purchase a wide range of items such as cookware, coats, clothing, blankets, beds and much more.